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Cristina Micheletti      
1960 March 26  

Italian, born in Lagos, Nigeria, where her father was in business.

Lived in Jebba, Nigeria, with her parents and two brothers, isolated from the rest of the world, where her imagination grew fervid. Her family's house was on top of a hill in very dry country, with the Niger River flowing down in the valley like a lush stripe of velvety green, in striking contrast to the harshness of the surrounding land.

Lived in Ibadan, in Southern Nigeria, where her favorite activities were playing with her younger brother, drawing for hours and observing nature.

Moved to Piedmont in Northern Italy, home of her family, to begin her academic and artistic studies. The separation from Africa and her parents will always be a font of nostalgia and inspiration. She returned to Nigeria often until my last visit in 1989.

Received diploma in Art from the Liceo Artistico Ugo Foscolo High School in Vercelli, Northern Italy.

Studied sculpture and clay modeling at the Fine Arts Institute of Vercelli.

Received Master Painter Degree from Albertine Fine Arts Academy of Turin, Northern Italy. Studied with Giulio Paolini, master of Italian conceptual art, and Sergio Saroni.

Worked as designer for Italian textile company Miroglio, in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Took a long trip to Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda, which inspired her and strengthened her love for the land.

Taught experimental artistic activities in public primary schools, and taught drawing and painting at the Liceo Artistico Ugo Foscolo High School of Vercelli. Successfully integrated meditation and visualization techniques into standard teaching practices.

While teaching and painting, her curiousity about life and nature brought her to study macrobiotics, Shiatzu massage and energetic medicine at the International Macrobiotic Institute of Switzerland.

Adopted the Sanskrit name of Suravi, which she often adds to the signature of her work.

Led seminars on painting and meditation in Europe and US. Gave private instruction in drawing and painting.

Moved to the US, traveling back and forth between the East Coast and California. Studied macrobiotics in California with Japanese master Hermann Aihara at the Vega Study Center in Oroville, California. Did illustrations and design work for Vega Study Center. During this period, her attraction for the US grew. The landscapes and vastness of the sky of California reminded her of the beauty of African nature.

Came to live near the Institute of Meditation and Spiritual Growth near Siena in Tuscany, Italy, where the surroundings inspired her painting.

Divided her time painting between Piedmont and Tuscany.

The Kushi Institute invited her to teach painting and meditation at a weeklong seminar for the Macrobiotic Summer Conference 2000 at Westfield College in Westfield, Massachusetts.

Left Tuscany to move to Massachusetts.

Moved to the Monterey Peninsula, on the Central Coast of California.

Worked in the pottery atelier of Michael and Sumati Colpittz in Sedona, Arizona.

Came to live in beautiful Carmel Valley, California, where she does murals and paintings on commission, and offers lessons in drawing and painting (in watercolor, multi-media, acrylic, and oil). The love for art and beauty and peace gives Cristina the strength to believe in her art more strongly than ever before. The splendor of nature and the land in this area inspire her and nourish her soul.

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